Different Types Of Casino Bonuses Online Discussed By Experts

Now that you are a little more familiar about casino bonuses and what they are all about, you would obviously like to know the different types of casino bonuses online available. Well, you will come across many kinds of casino bonuses offered by different casinos. As each casino is vying to attract the maximum number of players to play at their site, it is no surprise to see them offering best casino deals to their customers.

Here are some of the most common types of online casino bonuses available:

Welcome or Sign up bonus

Welcome bonuses or Sign up bonuses are the most popular and common of casino bonuses types. This offer applies to first time depositors. It is a way of encouraging new players to join an online casino where they don’t have an account currently. Some casinos automatically add the bonus to your balance after you have made your deposit. Some other casinos will only give it to you after you fill out a form.

No deposit bonus

Another kind of casino bonuses which one comes across is the No deposit bonus, which is an interesting kind of casino bonus. Here, the player need not shell out even a single dollar. The Casino will deposit a small amount into a players account to encourage playing These are good casino bonuses in order for checking the casino.

Percentage bonuses or Match Bonuses

A match bonus is a type of casino bonus where the casino matches a player’s deposit to a limit or pays an additional percentage calculated on a player’s deposit amount.

Refer-a-friend bonus

When there is an actual sign-up by your friend recommended by you, you get compensated. This is known as Refer-a-friend bonus. Sometimes, it is common to find special promotions such as a holiday to an exotic corner of the world for a week or maybe the latest Laptop. But these types of casino bonuses online are generally limited to tournaments.

Loyalty or VIP Program

Another innovative way of keeping the players hooked on to their site is a Loyalty or VIP Program. The player collects points from the very first game played and when a certain amount is collected it can be traded in for cash, more gaming or specific prizes.

Even though these are free casino bonus deposits, players find these kinds of casino bonuses attractive and good incentives.

Sticky bonus

A sticky bonus is really a non cashable bonus and your credits can’t be exchanged into real currency. You can use it only play the games. You can withdraw your deposit or winnings but never the sticky bonus amount. These types of casino bonuses are ‘for wagering only’.

Exclusive Bonus

Sometimes different casino comes up with Exclusive bonuses to maintain a strong position in the industry. These are sometimes used to reward the high rollers playing with the casinos.

Multi-tier casino bonuses

Another of different types of casino bonuses online are the multi-tier online casino bonuses. Offered over a number of deposits, these deposits can stretch on for months or even a year sometimes. As they offer the benefit over a longer period of time, they thus ensure the loyalty of the player over that longer period. It is an effective way of spreading investment over time for the players with these bonuses.